Tuesday 4 June 2019

2019 Wk 22 - Lizzie has been busy!

Our village fair is in a few weekend's time.  (OK not actually our village as we are too small but our sister village has a cracking summer fair!).  One of the Crafty Church ladies organises a Craft Show and I try and enter something most years.  This year there is a theme of The Big Top, so one of the classes is 2m of Clown bunting.  I had a great time designing then stitching these clowns

They are all slightly different but use the same 4 fabrics in different combinations.  I alternated some so their hands rise and fall as you look along the length.

I then used the rest of the pink, red, orange, yellow fabrics to make a Stitch banner

Which fits perfectly on the display until Husband made.  I can hang quilts, or with S hooks we can hang boomerang bags - and here we are hanging just some of the Day For Girls sanitary kits going to Kenya with Niki in a few days time

I entered some embroidery items in a craft auction to help a friend get back on his feet.  He moved into a new studio and set up all his equipment as he was working through his to-do list.  Unfortunately a neighbouring unit went up in flames before Darren got to the 'pay for insurance' bit of his list - and all the units were consumed by the fire.

4 people have bought tote bags embroidered in a design of their choice.  These are the first two customers

And patchwork labels for another two customers

And finally some hand sewing - a few more flowers added to the EPP Rainbow flowers - which the cat seems fairly positive is hers!!!


  1. Busy barely covers it! What a great amount you have acheived! Love the clowns and your stitch banner. Love the stand too.
    Awful news for your friend. Hope that he manages to get his business back up and running soon. xxx

  2. You have been very productive. I love the bunting. Hexies are looking good x

  3. Love those clowns Benta, they are so cheery!

  4. Lizzie has been busy indeed! Not sure about clowns, thats from someone who make trolls! Haha. Darren’s just been on a spending spree so will be making more and grinning again.

  5. So glad you are still blogging! Now that I have my job sorted and my son married, - who knows? I may start blogging again.
    I'm mostly on IG but find myself with too many photos and too many explanations too often (ahem).


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