Sunday 2 June 2019

2019 Week 21 Crafty Church

May's Crafty Church was possibly best described as ambitious!

One of the crochet ladies had two necklaces that she reckoned had been done by crochet - could they please work out how they were made so she could make some to sell on the WI stall

I am know we are only 8 and 10, but w saw this pattern in a magazine and have decided to make a dress and a skirt!

Um - OK!  I did the explaining-the-pattern bits and we got everything cut out but poor mum and granny had to take over as we'd run out of time

EDIT: The dress now looks like this!!

Others were working on crochet blankets, patchwork sampler quilt and all sorts of other things!

We also had some girls teaching themselves string art

And I was working on my paper foundation pieced blocks


  1. My goodness what a lot was happening - such variety, such promise, such talent! xx

  2. A very busy Crafty Church!Well done to everyone

  3. Such a hive of activity Benta, those paper pieced blocks are looking good!


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