Saturday 15 June 2019

2019 Wk 24 - D4G update and some new ideas

Niki set off on her safari adventure on Wednesday morning.  She's packed everything into these two backpacks and is clearly apprehensive about going and missing her mummy (not!)

She's sent a few pics - I think it's safe to say she's having a great time!

As well as the two backpacks she also took a suitcase filled with 48 Days For Girls kits - and these have been delivered top the lovely Pamela who has undertaken to get them to Connie at Kisumu

I have bought some more brushed cotton for more D4G kits - if you ever wanted to know what £180 worth of brushed cotton looks like here is your answer!

I don't know about your sitting room but we have two double sofas - he has one which he shares with the cat and the TV remote controls and I have one that I share with my hand sewing projects!  My project basket was a rubbishy woven one with the lining on the outside rather than the inside to stop it scratching the sofa.  

So I made myself a fabric caddy, with pockets that holds it all and is gentle on the sofa, and can be picked up and moved if I have to share my sofa with another person!

I have been thinking about being unemployed from next month (!) and maybe offering a sewing / making / mindfulness class.  Something that will teach people a new skill but just as importantly let them zone out of the daily stresses of life and concentrate on themselves.

I've been Pinning loads of ideas, and decided to try this one - handmade fabric beads.  I store my embroidery threads on clothes pins, so used one to wrap fabric (and wadding) around

and then started stitching.  The phone clearly doesn't like zooming in that much, but they were really good fun to make and only took about 20 minutes each - what do you think?  Would there be any interest?

And finally this week I was going to a meeting and needed pen and notebook.  I was tidying up some leather (Jackie arrives in less that a week so I need to have *some* work space to share with her) and made a quick pen holder before I put it away!


  1. You've been busy! You'll be just fine retired, even if it wasn't your choice.

    I love the sewing caddy! I'm not doing any hand sewing, but might need something for my knitting...hmmm!

  2. Crikey! What a lot of ideas! All fab!
    Love the beads - decorated covered buttons could also work well as a mini project for mindful stitching, and could be turned into a brooch too.
    Great fabric basket - lovely to make something for yourself.
    Hope that Niki enjoys her time - it certainly looks like it's off to a great start.
    Well done on the DaysforGirls deliveries, both outgoing and incoming!

  3. I’m glad you have made room on the sofa for me! I think I might need one of those baskets :-)

  4. Caught up on your adventures. I might have to lurk on niki's ig acct to see more safari pics. You should totally offer sewing lessons. I'm arranging a "make & Take" at our county fair this summer where visitors to the textile "Hobby Hall" can sew their own tote bags. (getting my feet wet for teaching)


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