Saturday 21 September 2019

2019 Wk 38 - cats and quilts

We had Crafty Church today, and a new lady joined us - the very talented Sian: she brought this awesome liberty quilt to show us:  Several of us threatened to run away with it, it really is stunning!

Sharon and I took it up to the mezzanine floor so Sian could get a pic of the whole quilt.  Absolutely no pattern  - just added bits to other bits, and scrappy binding

I didn't get much work done for myself: but I did get a piece of white cotton basted to some while fleece (too boring to photograph!)

But worthy of a photograph - my new house guests: Thor, and underneath him is his sister Luna - gorgeous kitties!!!

Anmd my sewing room . . . I should probably do some tidying up!

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