Monday 23 September 2019

2019 Wk 38 - Quilting!

I'm not really a quilter - more a patchworker (as husband explains, I cut up fabric and sew it back together!)

But I woke up at about 3am the other morning with a vision of a completed whole cloth quilt.  I basted it a Crafty Church on Saturday, and marked off 6.5" squares, and on Sunday I started sewing.  Very liberated machine running stitches, a few fancy stitches from the machine's memory, and later will be adding some hand stitched running stitches sort of Kantha style

I'm using each thread no more than once on each line - and each line may have just have one or two decorative stitches: either from the machine or hand stitched.  It's taking about half an hour to do each colour - On Sunday I clocked up 2.5 hours.  There may be some paralleled sections but not many!!!

And today I took the total up to about 4.5 hours.  It doesn't look much from a distance

but close up I'm loving the colours.  Next I need to add the hand stitching and I have an idea for the squares . . . watch this space

 Just thought I'd confess to a total inability to sew parallel lines, but I don't care!!!!!!


  1. I do too! Mine started out the same way, but they eventually got better. Heck, even when they are not perfect, I am still tickled pink, as the only way to tell they are not straight is to get REALLY close to it. And if they are that close, they are looking too hard, lol! Anyways, from one fellow beginner to another...keep up the great work! It's wonderful! :)

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment. Unfortunately you show as a “no reply” visitor so I can’t reply by email

  2. Looks great Benta. Parallel is boring - these lines are you - colourful,spontaneous, experimental, inspiring!

  3. But the slight wibble adds organic gorgeousness to it! And en masse it’s very effective.

  4. Looks lovely, I love the different colour threads.

  5. THis looks amazing! Love the idea and the work that you've done on. Fabulous! xx

  6. What they all said. Love this quilt


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