Sunday 16 February 2020

2020 Wk 7 - in Ireland with Dennis (and Jackie!)

Storm Dennis has hit Ireland and means it’s too blustery and too wet to venture outside - so sewing and crochet has mostly featured this the weekend!

So what have we made?

I was given a load of shirt fabric and brought over what seemed like far too much: we cut it into 4.5” x 8.5” bricks and stared sewing - each fabric is different so no auditioning.   It’s made about 1/4 of a king sized quilt so far, it’s lucky there is plenty more samples left at home so we can do some more next time we meet up

We made some cork baskets (some hand sewing needed)

We made a Pepper Pig quilt for little miss L - to be delivered tomorrow

We learnt that two FQ packs from Aldi cut into 8.5” squares just needs two extra blocks to made a flimsy that fits an Ikea fleece with *just* enough left over to make 2” binding and hardly any waste!

I’ve learnt a new crochet stitch and am making this blanket (waiting impatiently for the first colour change!)

Jackie’s Tunisian crochet

And my travel project has been more chambray hexies!


  1. I hope you have a good journey home! Perhaps you should just stay there out of the weather. 😄

  2. As ever, a very productive time spent with your bestie! Lots of lovely projects there! xx

  3. More lovely projects! I love the shirts and your crochet is coming on really well. I hope you are keeping warm and dry :)

  4. Way to go with those Aldi fabrics, members of my quilt group are forever turning up with fabric bundles purchased there! I really must get around to checking them out :)


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