Monday 24 February 2020

2020 Wk 9 Play date fun

The lovely Tara from Crafty Church came to play today.  She brought this panel she had made at a class where she learnt to draw and write with a sewing machine, and we turned it into a cushion

While Tara was sewing her projects I was cutting t-shirts to size for a T-shirt quilt for a customer.  I wanted (needed) a quilters square 15 inches square, but don’t have one and couldn't find one to buy - so I butted a 12.5” square to a 2.5” ruler and topped them off with an over lapping 4” ruler: worked a dream and no duct tape residue when I pulled it all off!

This cushion is going to be gifted with a pack of fabric pens so it can coloured in - put to add to the pizazz Tara wanted to add bright pom-poms. . . It was a fair amount of flaffing to get it right but doesn't it look great

Come on Tara - show us how chuffed you are!!!


  1. I love the cushions. Great job on making the ruler, very clever x

  2. Very ingenious ruler. I have 16.5 you could have borrowed! 😄 I love that pom-poms are back too. I made some for a blanket and they’re so cute.

  3. Looks like you both had a lot of fun there Benta, and isn't necessity always the mother of invention :)

  4. Tara is right to be chuffed. Those cushions look great and your ruler improvisation is a very good idea :)


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