Sunday 1 March 2020

2020 Wk 9 - Hexie Hems and stuff

Hexie Hemming: I have two denim tunics that are very similar.  I shortened the sleeves on one and finished the edges with hexies (I blogged about them here).  I had plenty of chambray fabric left so I kept going with the tacking and whip stitches and finally added a slightly deeper border to the hem of the tunic

I'm rather pleased with it!!!

The hem measurements weren't  quite right to match the size of the hexies but this is the join at the back, and I can certainly live with that!!!

The lovely Stitch ladies met on Saturday - lots of sewing and organising (and maybe a fair bit of chatter too!)  You can read about our aims here

I'm doing a class for a local authority Well-being Week later in March, so I've been working on a sample - doing a bit of . . . hmmm . . .
Slow Stitching?
Mindful Making?
Calming Couching?

I suppose it doesn't mater what it's called - I just hope they enjoy decorating their bags!

I've rotary cut a whole load of pop concert t-shirts for a quilt I'm making for a customer

And I've used some more Happy Fabric to make another Christmassy t-shirt


  1. That tunic looks fabulous with your hexies. Such a nice way to make it yours.

  2. Those hexies look great on your tunic. Enjoy your well being week :)

  3. Love your hexie tunic. It's just the perfect embellishment.

  4. That’s a great idea - adding hexies to your tunic. The finish is ideal too!
    Barbara xx


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