Friday 6 March 2020

2020 Wk 10 - Resin and crochet recycling

Last weekend the girls and I went to a class making resin jewellery.  We had to wait for the pendants to be delivered as they were still wet when we finished - these came through the letterbox yesterday - they don’t photograph too well but they are gorgeous!

I’ve done some more sample prep for the Well-being class in a few weeks: a version of sashiko

And a version of Kantha (well it will be when I’ve stitched it)

At Chertsey Museum today we were looking at ways to recycle old crochet!  I’d been given a bag load by a local waste recycling centre (they sort through some of the waste and put aside stuff that might be useful to someone, isn’t that great!) and more from a colleague at church: mostly done by her dad and grandmother!  I did check with her it was ok to cut them up and she was happy so this was today’s session!

Some brightly coloured stuff was added to black and to neutral with great effect

And the natural crochet looks great too

Some ladies brought their finished modern hexie projects too - don’t they look great!


  1. Your resin makes look great. Are you going to make them into jewellery? I also like the crocket and hexies :)

  2. I love the resin jewellry. Great work done with the crochet pieces and the hexies.

  3. The pendants look great! It’s always a heart wrench to cut up handwork but at least it’s having a new life!

  4. More interesting projects there! Love the resin work too. I can remember my sister doing a lot with a kit and creating some beautiful item - then me wanting the same kit, having a go, and ending up with a sea horse in resin with lots of bubbles that weren't supposed to be there, and a profund inferiority complex! She's always been better than me at arts and crafts, and although at that point her age advantage may have helped, I can't use that excuse for the forty five years subsequent to that where she still outshines me!
    Great to see those crochet pieces being repurposed too.

  5. The resin makes look really great.
    Very interested to see what you are doing with the crochet.
    Like the modern hexies too!
    Nice to see your Sashiko. There were a lot of Sashiko projects on Instagram recently and a friend has kindly lent me her fabric, templates and Sashiko book for me to have a little go.
    Barbara xx


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