Tuesday 17 March 2020

2020 Wk 12 - I'm not going to mention it

The elephant in the room is being ignored!!!!

I've been doing a lot of admin but I've also snuck in some sewing and I'm hoping one will reduce and one will increase.

Mum and I attended a Linus Quilt sewing event at Chertsey Museum last weekend.  We dropped off some donated fabric, I did some sewing and mum did some ironing: we left them with this flimsey

At home I've been looking at this mess . . . and giving up: I don't know where to start tidying it up - there is 3/4 of a jelly roll race buried under there somewhere which could do with finishing . . . another day!

I have been doing some hand sewing though.  This got put away in January looking like this

but I've now started from the other end, so it has progressed to this

Keep safe everyone

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  1. Well done on going back to this one. It’s looking lovely


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