Saturday 29 May 2021

2021 Week 21

 I've seen pics of two gorgeous munchkins on their I-spy quilts this week - my favourite pics!  Thanks to the grandmas for sending them to me!

I started a mini EPP round the world rainbow  patchwork, inspired by Plum who has enough minis that she has created a gallery!!!  Do go an have a look:

I stitched a bridge and groom pair of Gingers for a couple getting married at church

And I went to help empty a lady's craft room - oh my gosh soooooo many planned projects - this is just (some of) the wool - she also stitched, did paper crafts, bead crafts, wire crafts and so many others - this has made me think about how much stuff I have and who will empty it out when I go (Plum and Jackie the girls say they are calling you and walking away LOL)
And this is some of the embroidery kits, other kits, sizzix dies, painting stuff and rubber stamps she had.  There are some needle punch tools priced 2 and 6!!!!! 

She had two or three identical (unopened) packs of some of the wire craft gadgets and tools

As a break from the sorting I did some sewing - I wanted a small handbag just to carry my phone so I made this

It was only when I went to use it that I realised the zip was inside out so it will be re-designed!

I've now had my second jab and the sun has been shining and is predicted to carry on for a few days yet  - got to count the positives!


  1. Love the bride and groom Benta! You are very talented.

  2. Nooooooooooooo! ;-)
    It is actually going to be quite tricky, just like the stash that you were looking at, things build up, don't they?!? My girls are hoping that we downsize the house and I have to deal with my own mess (although they are conflicted, as G would still like to keep the house!). It does make stop and think, doesn't it?
    LOVE your hexie mini! I might have to make something more like that too, although I have a couple more ideas for micro minis first. xx

  3. I feel I should start some kind of a destash and just as quickly I say not yet!!!! I think just like clothes if I haven’t worn/used it in the last year I’m probably not going to 🤭. Fabulous mini hexies


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