Sunday 6 June 2021

2021 Week 22

As mentioned in my last post: a long time ago a lovely lady called Iris,  from the Chertsey Museum class, asked me to be executor of her craft room when she passed.  Sadly she passed early this year and I was called by her neighbour to come and help empty the room.  To be honest it was not so much a craft room as a craft 4 bedroomed house!  There was every craft imaginable in every room of the house! 

So not much making to report this week - mostly sorting the goodies from Iris's, and categorising them as to where they go next: To give you an idea, I filled my car three times and Emma from the museum filled hers once (she took a lot of beads in case they can be used on the replica costumes and most of the paper based craft stuff as her sister Claire teaches that kind of craft there) 

So far the list of crafts I now have kits and / or resources for (or have passed them on to someone else) are at least:


Needle punch 

Glass painting 




wire craft




scrap booking 


card making 





rug making 

Viking knitting 

tie dying 


dress making 

jewellery making 


French knitting

circle cutting

ordinary knitting

Please, much as I loved her, DONT be like Iris - some of the resources she has two or three unopened packets of, some where bought from Woolworths or even pre-decimalisation (50+ years ago).  So there are now bags and boxes of craft stuff all over the house as I sort out the final bags of stuff from hers and at least have all the associated stuff together.

What I have done in breaks is finish piecing this little EPP hexi rainbow trip around the world

Made this for my God Daughters who works for the ambulance service as a 999 ambulance handler and recently delivers her first baby by phone

And I'm rather chuffed with myself in that (with Lisa's help) I actually cast one for a crochet poncho

And I made this - in anticipation of the day, surely coming soon, that we can all hug!!!


  1. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for tackling Iris’s “stuff”.
    The hexies are fab and so is the crochet
    I so want to hug you x

  2. Oh my goodness, at least you’re finding homes for the lady’s stuff. It makes us think about the things we accumulate in our crafty lives, that we’d like to make one day but never get around to.
    Loving your hexies, good to have some hand sewing sometimes.

  3. Crikey! That is quite a list - and a huge volume of stuff, isn't it? Well done you for working through it and finding good homes. Top tip to all of us crafters to be organised so we don't duplicate and waste our resources.
    Love your gingers, and your mini hexagon rainbow! Great work! xxx


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