Thursday 24 June 2021

2021 Week 25

Magic, Munchkins and Gingers!

My old Boss has been training to be a Methodist minister and his ordination was held last weekend.  Stupid Covid prevented us attending in person but I was able to watch it live on YouTube

I wanted to send him a gift and at the same time my current boss / vicar had asked me to make a magic bag.  If you haven't seen one it might help to know it's a story telling bag

I started by cutting ten rectangles 9x10" (actually one green/outer needs to be 9x12")

I then added to the yellow rectangles - vicar boss got a party vibe design and newly ordained boss got a cup that runneth over, and I added  a small zipped pocket to one starry piece each

There are possibly a few million ways to sew these rectangles together, and only a few are directional, but I think I sewed and un-sewed every single combination, but I got there in the end!

(for reference: 
start with the stars, with pocket to the right, 
then add onto the right side: yellow (4th) (top to the left if applicable, the top continues to alternate),
then black (3rd) 
then blue (2nd) 
then green (1st) 
then reverse the order so green (wide piece), blue, black, yellow and stars

If you know Psalm 23 you can follow the story

So when all the shapes are stitched together, join the two green to each other to complete the loop. 

Arrange on the desk so it reads zipped star tipped anti clockwise, star, image topped anti clockwise, black and blue on the top, and (from l to r) yellow, black, blue, wide green, green on the back)

Phew.  The wide piece of green now gets folded and folded so it can be stitched down to hold ALL the sides together with no raw edges

Because I stitched it wrong soooo many times I would suggest pinning or tacking this together to check the story works but if it does you can tell the story of 

Being laid down in green pasture (then turn inside out)

Being lead to quiet waters (ditto)

Walk through the valley of death

Having a table prepared for me

And dwelling in the house of the Lord

And a zip pocket with gold lining incase it's needed!

I hope he likes it!!!!

I was sent a pic of a munchkin on a Patchwork I-spy quilt . . . my favourite kind of photo!

And this neighbour's munchkin looked so cool with his golf set I had to make a Ginger

I've been doing some "public announcement" ones too - for National Smear week 

National Chess week

And Water Safety month

And finally a few t-shirts for some friends who run a local mental health group


  1. I too would have been undoing! I’m really bad to pin and in the end it does save you time..... must remember that next time! The gingers are fabulous and the mention of a smear has reminded me. Thank you x

  2. I've never come across a 'magic bag' like that - how clever! Lovely that your friend is ordained now, even if you couldn't watch in person.
    Great work on the Gingers, as ever! xx

  3. Your magic bag is SO clever. I can imagine how hard it must be to get the sewing order right but it is really is amazing now it's done. If I ever try this I will definitely be pinning and tacking! Hopefully, surely, we are coming to the end of covid soon...xx


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