Thursday 1 July 2021

2021 Week 26

Sorry - photo overload . . . you have been warned!

I know this is mostly a crafty blog - but I did make this gorgeous girl!!!!

#2 daughter is still best friends with three girls she met at school (aged just 5) and two of then are getting married this year . . . and having the other 3 as their bridesmaids.  The first wedding was last Saturday.  

This little minx is the next bride to be in a few weeks time

The bridesmaids and their partners (just the groom missing!)

We found the groom

Niki wanted a photo with "Mumma and Papa P" - the brides' parents.  

He started his speech by thanking the bridesmaids and how they'd been in and out of his house so often throughout their childhood he thought of them as extra daughters - that set them all off sobbing . . . luckily I had made plenty of tissue cases so they could dry their eyes!  (Talk to Me ginger is nothing to do with the wedding, he just wanted to be in the photo!)

I made tissue cases with white embroidery for bride and groom (or may have forgotten the change the thread but keep that under your hat!) which went down well too . . . as did the ginger bride and groom!

I was given one of the table displays and am currently drying all the flowers - I'm experimenting with resin but they need to be dry first - 

I've also got some flowers being pressed, and one bud (hopefully) drying in salt

There was a bit of dress lining and a fair bit of dress fabric left after the (very traumatic) taking up of the dress so I made a rope bowl, maybe to put the resin results in.


  1. Beautiful photos and so lovely that they are still friends. I love what you did with the fabric from the dress.

  2. Wonderful! I love all the different projects that you have hung from the event too - amazing! Also, love your dress too. xxx

  3. Lovely bunch of beauties. The basket is gorgeous too.


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