Tuesday 20 July 2021

2021 Week 29

 Not much crafting this week, but a trip out, someone else's yarn bombing and a few gingers!

On the drive to mother-in-law's I pass this letterbox with a knitted farm scene on top of it - each time I approach the junction with fear that someone has vandalised it but I'm so happy to see it's still there!

This blanket is nearly finished - just need to use up the dregs of the wool by knitting a border (and pull out my stitch count ribbons) and then its done.  It's much more solid that I'd anticipated, but I'm sure it'll be warm

This probably needs a coin next to it - its 4.24 x 3.5 inches

We had a family day out and booked a private tour around Tower Bridge - very knowledgeable guide and a great day out.  The bridge lifted twice while we were these  so we saw it once from the glass floored walkway, and once form the side

I received a scrummy pic of a munchkin on an I spy quilt - one of my favourite types of photos

And (who would have thought it?) I made some more Gingers!!!

A Gnome for friends who have bought a beach hut, and and Eid Ginger (I did check with a Muslim neighbour that this wasn't too culturally inappropriate!)

Sweep (from Memories in Thread) and a well being bingo idea that a friend is running in the villages

To support National Sunglasses day, and National Ditch the Plastic day

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