Sunday 5 December 2010

Busy week

A few days ago I had a lovely play date with Plum, Avril and Lesley (does Lesley have a blog). As well as a great chat and a scrummy lunch, plum provided us with scraps from her Meg's Flower tree quilt (which is even more amazing in real life)

We had a great time snipping, placing and ironing scraps onto postcard sized white fabric.

Thank you Plum!


I haven't done much making in the last few days - except making a mess.

Yesterday we put the tree up:

This involved 4 big storage crates coming down from the loft- let's put them in the sitting room. At 7:30 last night Lisa and I decided to go to Ikea to get her a new bed - let's put the stuff from my car into the sitting room to make space to bring the bed home.

Then Scott (nephew #1) needed a left to the airport - let's put all the Ikea shopping in the sitting room to make room in the car. So this afternoon's plan was to start picking up and putting away.

But then we decided to take out Lisa's old bed, hum that left a blank wall, and there is a roller still wet with white paint, lets paint that wall. Well as we've done that we could just strip and paint the next wall ... (did I mention Lisa's room is also my cutting, pinning and ironing room?)


Deep breath. Anyway, the tree is up and looking lovely, and the mantle piece has it's usual slightly eclectic nativity scene and winter snow & trees scene.

The advent calendar is up for Niki, and the alternative advent calendar has gone with Lisa to uni (and she has promised a photo)

And yesterday two ornaments came winging their way from USA and Canada as part of the swap: thank you Peggy and Paula - I love them

Also up is this hanging that Jackie made for me last year (it's actually been hanging in the sewing room all year, but now has gone to the sitting room)

And finally I have now planned, and shopped for, the Log cabin Candle tree, and the raw edge applique table runner has been re-planned as a wall hanging, and once I get some time I will finish the two table runners for Norway, the four sacks, and then I can get on with my hangings!


  1. Are you sure that is all??? Where do you get the time, and the energy? They all look great and I look forward to seeing them 'for real'.xxx

  2. Hello Benta, you made lovely things with your friends - I love that tree! Vow you have been busy - often one brings an other etc. Did you paint the rest of the house...
    Lovely Christmas tree!
    xxx Teje


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