Thursday 30 December 2010

Gifts, Painting & a finished Quilt

This is the felt mug rug from Jackie, and the felted necklace that she made me - aren't they great!  She also made me a to-be-stuffed-and-decorated Christmas tree, so that is in my hand sewing pile for an evening or too in front of the TV

 I've been felting too - I found a felting kit that I'd bought for the childminding kids (until I realised how lethal it was), so I had a go.  The felting needle was difficult to hold, so I glued it into a lip stick lid (bottom right, below) and it works great. 

 Brian decided he needed to lift the floor boards in the sewing room, so I had to move everything off the left shelves and take them out.  I thought I would take a during and an after photo - but I'm now not sure that the after photo is much better!  However, after a day out of action, I now have everything back in place and am ready to get on with sewing as soon as we have the NYE party out of the way!



Also today we have been painting Lisa's room - mostly Lisa painting and me moving stuff out of her way, so here is a photo of her room during and after.  Just need to get rid of a whole lot of junk now!!!

And finally I today finished the hand sewing on the binding on Santa's Forest.  This was made from donated green fabrics from the lovely ladies at BQL.  It isn't the main green scraps project, but made wonderful use of the excess green and is looking good on the sitting room door for this year, and the Log Cabin Candles should be finished by next year!
 I actually quilted Santa's Forest - free motion swirls, incorporating my name and the year too :-)


  1. There is definitely an improvement between the 'during' and 'after' in the sewing room! And I can imagine Lisa's room looking great (as I know the other walls are white). Great fun. Well done to Lisa. xx

  2. Hello Benta! I hope your year continues as well as it began winning the blocks! Your Santa's Forest quilt is really beautiful! Felting is so much fun...don't you think so too!?
    xxx Teje


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