Saturday 1 January 2011

Feeling giddy ...... I won AGAIN!!!

I am in shock!

If you look at the blogs I am following (on the left hand side of my blog) you may have seen Block lotto.  This has been going for years: in summary, Sophie picks a block each month and the members make up to 9 blocks following her guidelines.  Each block (or pair of block some months) made (and a photo posted on the blog) equals one chance to win up to about 50 blocks out of the ones made by the other members.

The December block was pairs of liberated trees: one black on jewel tone, and the other one the opposite - here are the blocks that I submitted

If you click here you can see some of the December blocks that other members have made, really rich colours, and such fun trees.  Well I got one entry to the lotto from my blocks (only one as I didn't have two different jewel fabrics to use) and then some other kind ladies donated their chances to the Newbies (maybe ones that had won recently, or didn't particularly want these blocks) ... and somewhere along the line my name got pulled out of the hat (or at least the electronic version of names in a hat)

So I will be receiving 22 pairs of blocks from the lovely blocks seen here

And that's why I am feeling giddy :-)


  1. What a lovely lots of trees (yes I did go in and look at all the December entries). Lucky you, and what fun you're going to have when you receive all the blocks! xx

  2. Well done I am looking forward to the finished project.

  3. I am sendint you 2 sets of blocks today. They are coming from Utah USA.



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