Friday 28 January 2011

too much on the work table

As I sit at the computer this is what I see to my left
from left to right ...
  • blocks and fabric for Hilary's textured quilt
  • stacks for block lotto
  • rug mugs (from stacks which went wrong, to skinny quilt that I didn't like, to rug mugs)
  • landscape hangings, possible for skinny quilt challenge
  • Zebra drawstring bags half made
  • Rugby trousers to be repaired
  • Rugby logo to be digitised
  • Christmas sack for Henry
  • Pinwheel quiltlet, poss for skinny challenge
  • church stoles to be restored
  • pinks and green blocks
  • Calendar quilt that I started 12 months ago
and that doesn't take into account the fabric on the shelf for a fruit quilt (6 yards) a quilt for our sitting room, (6 yards) a brown and pink cupcake quilt (3 yards) a yellow and orange quilt that has been started, and the layer cake I won from Stash manicure, as well as all the one-day-this-will-be-perfect fabrics and the half dozen flimsies that need to be backed and quilted.


Mum I know your sewing area isn't like this - what about anyone else out there in blogland - come on Jackie - confess!


  1. I think you need some nice project boxes or bags and fill each one with a 'to do'. If you have a nice clear area that is good to work in, you can pick up one of the boxes or bags and work on it, hopefully finish it, and you won't be distracted by all the other things.
    That's how ive been trying to work with all the upheaval, and it's working!
    Glad your mum likes the silk idea!!
    Helloooo Benta's Mum!!

  2. wowza!

    Unfortunately my whole house looks like that, but full of other people's stuff!


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