Thursday 27 January 2011

Do what you love, love what you do

Just over a year ago my Uncle Geoff died of cancer. During the 18 months he was living with cancer he never complained, and during the 6 weeks he was dying of cancer he still never complained. Seriously, never, not once! He was only 68, cancer is a cr@ppy disease, he was entitled to complain, but he didn't.

I have been thinking about this on and off, sometime almost subconsciously, and I think part of his attitude was due to his life style. He lived very simply (just how simply is a family joke) and had spent over 40 years managing, coaching, and refereeing youth football and cricket teams. After he took voluntary redundancy 15 years ago this, along with a love of music and quizzes was his life

A real example of doing what you love, and loving what you do.

Yesterday I went to see Sally at Chertsey Museum about delivering some children's craft sessions, and mentioned the Fun with Fabric that I'm doing in Windsor - Sally got really excited and is going to try and get funding to pay me to do the same there. There is also possibly another parent and toddler craft session in Windsor, and a Material Mummies session at a new Children's Centre ... If these all come to something I can trade the school job for a number of crafty projects, and can ... Do what I love, and love what I do


  1. exciting! I'm trying to do what I love too...It's a balancing act.

  2. Dear Benta, how well you said it!
    I'm sorry for your uncle but happy that he was so positive person! My mother was like that and I wish I could be more like her!
    That is really good news if you can find more works with crafts! Your bird in your last post is so sweet!
    I would like to give you 'Liebster Blog' Award! When ever you like, pay a visit to have it.
    xxx Teje

  3. You go girl!! That sounds exciting - superexciting, to be honest. WOW!


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