Saturday 29 January 2011

geting organised, and posted lovliness

I have now taken three projects downstairs to hand sew in front of the TV, so that helps at bit, and I am tidying up.  

The downside is that I got an envelope of SCRUMMY fabrics today from Cross Patch (10 FQs for £10) which I want to make lovely things with, and I have also decided what to do with the brown and green moda layer cake, so I don't really want to work on any of the workbench stuff :-(
I know, I have to eat my greens before I can have pudding!

Here is the hand stitch project that I have been working on since Christmas.  It is "Arabesk" from Maud Von Bergh Arnoldus.  I bought it at the Festival Of Quilts last summer.  I didn't much like the solid colours, or the shades of blue they suggested, so am using scraps in red, blue, yellow and green. 

I've done half the blocks, just need to do all the greens, most of the blues and a few more red then I can add the border.  I'm really enjoying this


  1. What have you decided to make with the lovely green and brown moda fabrics? Your Mum xxx

  2. Those fabrics look gorgeous. I've been over to the site and I have been strong - I have resisted temptation, but they are lovely.

    Thanks for the tip about the fonts - I've changed my title one. Good to have something to play about with and make changes sometimes.


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