Sunday 30 January 2011

Some finished projects, and a new skill

I have saved a number of photos of quilts and other things I'd like to try, but haven't found a way to go back to the website or blog that the photo originated from.  Whilst I am under no illusions that people will be flocking to my blog for inspiration, it did occur to me that watermarking photos wasn't a bad idea.

So I asked my friend Mr Google to help, and he directed me to this site and I can now get my photos watermarked ... for free.

So here, multitasking as a watermark example, is a photo of projects finished in the last 24 hours ... a skinny quilt for the BQL swap (that is NOT the required size, oops), two rug mugs that kind of go with the skinny quilt, and the completed rugby logo designed and stitched out for customer approval


  1. Oh boy - 'finished in the last 24 hours'!!! Are you bionic? Loving the skinny quilt.

  2. YAY!! Don't finishes feel good!!

  3. Hi Benta! I love your today's quilts! That photo thing sounds and looks good! I couldn't see the it my mistake...
    Sunny wishes! Teje


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