Saturday 22 January 2011

Crafty Saturday (part one: The Library)

As I'd already volunteered to teach Fun with Fabrics at the library one Saturday a month, and then wanted to start a monthly Craft session at church, it made sense to run both on the same Saturday... and for January that was today

The session at the library was making No Sew bags.  (One lady thought maybe some clever way of folding a square, but confessed she much preferred what we actually made!)

I had made them basic bags just sewing 3 sides together, and they first pinned cut or ripped denim from the top of one side, down and up the other side (becoming the warp), and then wove other lengths around the bag (the weft)

This time I had my phone with me so I managed to get some photos ...

Steph used just one pair of jeans, so the bag has only subtle colour variations, and she managed to include a pocket panel which I hadn't thought of

Tita nearly finished her bag, just wanting to add a border around the top
 Kate managed to get hers finished - she dithered about some buttons but decided it was finished without
Kathy has nearly finished hers, and will carry on with it next month
And Jess finished hers ... When Brian looked at the photos he said that was obviously the expert's one!  Jess has far more imagination than us: she used uneven strips, some flat and some folded, and came out with a bag that is very unique, and VERY Jess!



  1. Dear Benta! I guess you think we need new projects - how can I avoid to make that kind of bag! I love jeans, blue colour, bags, waving...that is the perfect idea! Thank you for tutorial with photos!
    Thank you also for a great tutorial for pinwheeles! I have just finished my pw blanket and like it very much! Still I thought I don't make soon again with triangles...but perhaps with your advices...
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xxx Teje

  2. So glad you had more people turn up at the Library this Saturday. I'm sure word will spread and your classes will get bigger and bigger - and the 'jeans' bags look really great! Good luck my clever girl. Lots of love xxx


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