Tuesday 11 January 2011

I got organised!

I went to put some scrap fabric in my scraps drawer - and couldn't fit any more in!  It's been full for quite a while so I've just left it a few inches open and shoved stuff in, so it all got creased, and finally refused to accept any more!

So I emptied out all this lot (yard stick included to show the size of the drawer!)
... ironed it all, and separated it into piles: little bits suitable for applique,
...bits which belonged in project bags (like these bits which will be ideal with the blue Stay At Home Robin)
and longish bits which could be cut into strips.
...  and big bits

 ...and nearly-enough-for-another-quilt-top bits!
I then cut all the longish bits into 2.5inch, 2 inch and whatever-was-left strips, which have been separated into three labeled drawers,
  and now the box looks like this :-)
and I'm very happy!!!


  1. Can I book you for when my room is built?? lol!

  2. Vow, you did great job! Now it's so nice to start new sewing and quilt! I should do the same to find again what I have in the boxes...perhaps one day...
    Enjoy your new crafts!
    xxx Teje

  3. I'm very impressed! And such a lovely lot of colours/ xxx


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