Friday 7 January 2011

Where did that week go?

That's the trouble with having to go to work - it takes up valuable crafting and computer time!  I have been working on a commissioned sort of bed spread since just after boxing day: a colleague at work's daughter turn 13 at the end of this month, and LOVES Cath Kidston stuff.  Mum bough two meters of coffee with cream spots, and another two of milky coffee with cream flowers, and a scrap of grayish blue with cream flowers.  If you look carefully you can see the start of the daughter's name (Jessie) in the blue flowers on the cream flowers.

They wanted the spotty fabric as a binding, so to make up for stealing some from the back I joined off cuts of the two flowery fabrics for a strip across the back.  It's really heavy fabric - more suitable for upholstery I reckon, but she's very pleased with it so far, and has paid very well, so who am I to comment!  (I just told her how much I had spent in cash (for the wadding) and in time and let her decide how much it was worth!)

My first Block Lotto squishy package has arrived - Kate is the other UK based member so her trees didn't have to travel too far.  These are really lush colours, thank you Kate.  I've got ideas of what to do with them, but none that I'm really pleased with so we shall see!
I've been doing a bit of hand sewing while we've been watching Lost of an evening.  Do you remember the 6.5m of 1.5inch squares that I'd sewn for the Log Cabin Christmas Tree?  Well I finally got replacement fabric for the sky, and the quilt has gone back into the pile of UFOs, although I do now know exactly what I am going to do with it ... which was more than could be said for all the blinking tiny squares.

Well another UK blogger, Kate (Kate of the luscious trees above) had posted a photo of a quilt using similar blocks, together with some snowball blocks, and it's perfect for my little blue squares, so I unpicked every third seam, and have now restitched them into nine patch blocks.

Once I find some suitable white I can make the snowball blocks, and then I can join them all together :-)
(do you think I should get a new ironing board cover sometime?)

Right, that's one thing off my list - back to the dreaded tax return!!!

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