Friday 21 January 2011

For Indi

India, (my niece) starts pre-school next month, and the parents are asked to provide bedding and a towel that the child can recognise as their own.  Indi asked for a rainbow, or Disney's Belle.  Belle raises all sorts of copyright implications, so I thought I'd suggest Lisa gets her a Disney towel, or I can send one, and I would stick to the rainbows.  It has taken my longer than it should as I needed to wait for the new machine, then I had too much choice of cot size bedding (cotton, terry, flannelet, yellow, pink, blue, cream, white, not all fabrics available in all colours...) and then finally I decided I would stick to Brother threads for this machine rather than the cheap and cr@ppy threads which I usually use ...

So finally, now that all the excuses are resolved,


India has a set of rainbow themed, recognisable stuff, about to go in the post ready for going to school!


  1. Lovely - I'm sure Indi will love it, and there certainly won't be any others like it!!! Your Mum xxx

  2. Thanks Benta, it's perfect, we LOVE it, and she's got plenty of Belle stuff anyway! xxx



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