Saturday 8 January 2011

Ooops, I spent some money

My Brother Embroidery machine has been playing up, and a couple of times has locked and I've had to talk very nicely to Brian to get him to take it apart and get it working again.  I finally decided that it would be better to get a replacement, maybe with an extended warranty; a machine that should be reliable.  My current machine is a combination sewing and embroidery machine, but since I got a new sewing machine a few years ago I haven't used the sewing element of the combined machine at all.  So I've today bought a new Brother 750e (practically the same as the 1200, but embroidery only), and it should arrive on Wednesday.

Brother Innovis 750e Picture

The man tells me that there is nothing to learn as it will work exactly the same as embroidering on the 1200, so I can just plug, and play!

He did offer me £100 (1/12th!) in part exchange, but we decided that we'll keep it and Brian can take it apart and try and get it going - when I have got a big order on another machine would be a bonus, I just hesitate to confess that I'll be up to six (keep it small so it doesn't seem too bad!) sewing machines by Wednesday.  In my defense one has gone to Lisa, one is a hand crank machine that is about 70 years old, and is just kept for it's beauty, and one will be Brian's project, so that's only really three machines - and one of them is just for embroidery ... that's OK isn't it?

                                                                                 Thank you Uncle Geoff!


  1. That most certainly is OK Benta!!

  2. Hello Benta! Congratulaitons for your new machine! Enjoy!
    xxx Teje


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