Monday 20 December 2010

A creative day - and boobs

[4 posts in 4 days - what's going on?]

Today Niki chose the Santa's forest wall hanging for me to work on in between taking her to, and collecting her from work - so I did!

The blocks had to be joined into rows and then the rows joined to make a flimsy. Then the backing fabric and the flimsy had to be basted to the wadding, and then I started quilting (shock, horror!)

I have slightly overdosed on swirls, and I've not yet finished the quilting, so it still may not be a wall hanging by Saturday, but it's getting closer all the time!

(and talking of closer - here is a closer pic of the quilting...)

In between swirls, I have been taking an occasional break to make boobs!!!

Yes you did read that right!
A fellow blogger, Nina Lise, known as Mrs Moen, is running a community project called 'make a Boob' - click here for the website and more info.

The idea is to offer breast cancer patients a little art therapy and to create awareness and involvement.

The project has two main goals:

Offering people with breast cancer the opportunity to participate in workshops where they will decorate boobs. These workshops are set up in co-operation with the local chapter of the Cancer Association. Participants can decide to keep their work or to donate them to Make a Boob Art.
To create awareness and involvement through
- making circles for workshops
- participating in workshops and decorating boobs
- exhibition of Make a Boob Art

Nina Lise has asked for donations of boobs to take to the workshops: there can be plain, or already decorated.

The plain ones will be decorated at workshops, and decorated ones will be used as inspiration at workshops and stitched into Make a Boob quilt(s). The quilt will be donated to the Norwegian Cancer Association at the end of the Make a Boob project. In case there are several quilts some might be donated to hospitals or other organisations that deal with beast cancer.

The boob is made using three layers of fabric (and sandwich with wadding in the centre) and is based on the size of a CD. The instructions show how to make them using a sewing machine - but I simplified it even further by designing an embroidery design the same size as a CD ... and made loads!

One final photos - one of Niki's friend's mum made this today with the snow we have here - awesome or what!!!

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  1. Hello Benta, your trees are so beautiful!
    The boob theme is a little bit too sensitive to me...but wonderful idea! That 'dinosaurus' is fantastic, thank you for showing!
    I love also your pink work from your last post. I like the pinwheeles but there is so thick place in the middle, I should try that other method like you said!
    xxx Teje


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