Monday 27 December 2010

What a lovely Christmas (and an awesome surprise)

As well as having  5 lovely days of Christmas with my mum for the first time in in about 25 years, we had a really unstressful time with family and friends (and we managed to assemble at least 4 items from Ikea - thank you mummy!)

I got some lovely pressies (including the box set of Lost :-) but I want to share my crafty pressies:  I did two Secret Santa Swaps with the members of the Yahoo group; BQL  My 'purchased' gift was this cup that I can make a quilted block for, to put between the two layers - it came wrapped in this great crazy patch paper, so at the moment this is the design!  Thank you Secret Santa

This is the BQL 'made' gift - a tardis-like toile bag with perfect length straps and an inside pocket - lovely :-), thank you again Secret Santa

We also do a Secret Santa with husband's family - but not always quite so secret!!!  From oldest nephew I got this book - he was drawn to it by the 'with attitude' part of the title! Thank you Scott!

From Plum I got this lovely Rug Mug (thank you Plum)

And Niki got me this lovely Sew and Save sewing kit.  Ideal for hand sewing - especially as I need to get a project ready as we embark on 89 (!) hours (plus bonus footage) of Lost!!!

My lovely Jackie sent me a goodie bag of treasures ...a felted necklace, a to-be-stuffed-and-decorated Christmas tree, and a very sweet snowman mug rug ... all of which I will show you when the camera has new batteries!

And now for the surprise ....

I have been a follower of Stash Manicure for ages.  It's one of the blogs I look at each morning before I get up - it has some great ideas from guest bloggers as to how to use up scraps etc. When the blog editor, Madame Samm, posted some Christmas giveaways, I added a few comments, and today she announced the winners --- and one of them is ME!!!

Day 2 Winner
#48 SlikStitches 
( from England)
you have won Carrie's patterns, Carrie Nelson


Lot's of extra goodies to you...
Layer cakes, extra patterns, notions,
cuppa cozie, thimble its ( love those)
layer cake...Value PRICELESS..!

Not only have I won two quilt patterns ... 'my' day was the bonus day - so there are other goodies coming to me too.  I think I need to lay down, in front of the letter box will be the ideal place!  My only previous memories are of winning a jar of hunny when I was 8, and winning a bottle of wine when I was so young that my mum had to go and collect it - and drink it!

What a way to end the year :-)


  1. Hello Benta! I'm happy to hear that you had so wonderful Christmas time! You have got also so lovely presents! So nice to start to create new things!
    xxx Teje

  2. Ahhh family time is the best time.
    And what a nice end to a delightful year..nothing compared to what will transpire in 2011..wait and see...
    heading to post office today...


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