Thursday 8 March 2012

Broom Farm sewing

At last I remembered to take photos of the creative loveliness that is happening at the Adult Education class I teach at the Broom Farm Army camp on a Monday afternoon:

Monika is working on two pirate pieces which will become floor cushion covers
 Jane brought some traditional sampler blocks last week, but this week wanted to work on this advent calendar.  The work was unpicking rather than stitching, but she's much happier with it now

Sally is working on a craft caddy for a mug - I'll get a photo of a mug 'wearing' a caddy, then it will make lots more sense!  This was a 'back of a cupboard' for two years but she's steaming ahead now . . .

and has inspired Katie to make one too!


  1. That's quite the diverse collection of projects! Love the pirate fabric :oD

  2. There's something really special about sewing in a group, no matter what they are creating.


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