Wednesday 28 March 2012

M I A (without the A)

Missing In Action - but practically no action!  I wish I could claim to have been too busy sewing to blog, but I've hardly picked up a needle for two weeks.  So what are my excuses?

. . . We have been to the Cruise Show at Olympia, and we have decided on our treat for having put up with each other for 25 years next spring - and are off to cruise the fjords of Norway, hopefully with light displays from the Northern Lights

. . . and thanks to serendipity and technology we met the lovely Scott and Slavka in Covent Garden.  Scott was working on the developing of Lattitude for phones (locating your friends by smart phone maps) in the late 1990s, and this was the first time he had used it to meet friends or family without planning in advance.  Hope you had a fab birthday Slavka!

 . . .and we have spoon fed anti-biotics laced meal worms to a poorly hedgehog who now seems to be on the mend

. . . and I have machine embroidered Grace's name onto this buggy seat lining

. . . and I have discovered that the backing fabric on the Diamond Quilt is just too short in one place so I'm having to flaff around, post quilting, to add on a strip so I have something to stitch the binding too.  No, no photos, not that will stop some of you being entertained by it (H, K, J, R - you know who you are!!!)


  1. Hi Benta! That is wonderful news! Enjoy your journey! I wish I could see those fjords!
    What happend to that sweet hedgehog? I hope she well be well soon!
    x Teje

  2. Nice embroidery - pretty hedgehog - an embroidered message on a strip? xx

  3. The cruise to Norway sounds wonderful - I hope you get to see the lights! And that little hedgehog is adorable :)

  4. I love cruises!!! Have fun. And congrats on the 25th. On our 25th, we got married again in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, lol. Next january will be our 40th.

  5. Cruise looks cool,glad the little one is on the mend,sorry there has been a drought on the sewing end and I haven't even mentioned the extra strip that needs to be sewn on!LOL

  6. To me it sounds like you did a lot !! Caring for a little hedgehog? Booking a trip? (how exciting - congratulations !!) and so on - that's a handful ;-))

  7. Hey, I resemble that last remark... ;o)

    Can't believe you've been abandoning your sewing to plan fancy holidays, dine out in the sun and play with the local wildlife, sheesh, you have standards to keep up here!

  8. You say you haven't been sewing, but you seem to have had plenty to do anyway. So glad Twiglet seems better!

  9. haha some guilty peeps there! Have a great hol - we do that 25 years thing this September but we haven't planned anything as yet! Would love to go to Norway too! Just watch out for the trolls!


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