Wednesday 15 February 2012

Diamond Quilt

These blocks were the ones I won from the Block Lotto  at the end of November,

And in my quest to reduce the UFO list (although I prefer the PHD list as it sounds so much more intelligent) I decided to make something with these blocks.  This is them stitched into rows, then auditioned for the best arrangement
and later I hope to do the cheat joining rows / basting / basic quilting that I do, so it is then ready to be quilted through the diamonds


  1. Lucky you to win those blocks!!! I didn't enter that month. But I did start to put together the curved rails that I won a while back.

  2. how lucky to have such an area of colours ... they look stunning ... what will you do with them?

  3. Wonderful scrappy quilt! clever idea to sew the rows together "on" the batting - have to try this !!

  4. Ooh, they look fab all sewn together


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