Sunday 26 February 2012

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I have a great niece - she's a terrific niece but also a Great Niece in that she's my nephew's daughter - I usually refer to her as my niece to stop me feeling quite so old!

Anyway, I digressed (as I often do) She goes under the pseudonym of Roxi Flame, and is nearly 12. She wants to be a writer, and she reads *loads*. She writes book reviews for her blog, as well as posting some original short works. If you need to buy a book for a trainee teenage girl, or want to support a young writer, she'd love you to visit her blogs at Sewing The Seeds.

Love you Roxy x x x


  1. Hi Benta! Roxy's blog is beautiful and how great that in her age she has managed to do all that! x Teje

  2. Dear Benta - have looked at this blog several times (from your link) and sent the link to my g/daughter 14 but wonder if it is too young for her interest - they grow up quickly now! So clever - must run in the family.

  3. Oh bless her - you are a great, great-aunty!

  4. Great idea for a budding author, how I would have loved to have something like that at her age when I was writing hundreds of wee stories!

  5. Oh WOW! You must be very proud! I love her rememberence day verse - She sounds very grown up bless her.
    I would say she has very big things in her future! xxx

  6. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for the lovely support :-)
    I will be setting up a business with one of my best friends soon so watch this space! Or maybe watch my blogs space instead.
    Love ya Benta xxxxxxxxx


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