Tuesday 7 February 2012

Rushing Rosie's Quilt

I shouldn't rush quilts, as mistakes happen - I cut these blocks slightly too small, then miscalculated the first border, but I think I've managed to bodge the result - I hope so - as there certainly isn't time to start over again!

The whirly gigs are showing up much better now that they have been assembled, and I have hand quilted just inside a few of them.

I added a narrow, almost plain, border, then a brick like second border (from the bonus squares when I cut out the whirly gig blocks) and now need to trim back the fleece and add the binding.  IF there is any time left I will quilt a few more shapes, but if I don't, it's OK!

I finally got a chance to look through this month's Popular Patchwork tonight - not only is the front cover a bag and a quilt by the lovely Paula Doyle who lives just a few miles from me . . .

Inside there is an article about City & Guilds distance learning, and my friend Plum's pineapple block has been used as an example!

Does this give me an elevated status by association - knowing people who 'have been published'!  Congrats to both Paula and Plum


  1. Lol, wonder if you can catch fame... ;o)

  2. We don't bodge Benta, we make design decisions.

    And I'm sure your fame is already out there on it's own merit. ;-)

  3. Coo! Now I know what you were talking about earlier!

    I'd rather have managed to make a whole quilt in a week (clever and quick!) than to have made just one block! The quick looks splendid!

  4. Lovely prezzie - can't see any errors (but don't have my glasses on!) xx

  5. Hi Benta, I am new to your blog. I think the whirlgigs are great--after all--they did whirl didn't they (:-). They look great to me in their lovely, soft chocolate tones. I think they are lovely....Julierose

  6. Elevated any more and we wont get you back out of the clouds!! I love the pinwheels, well done on working to a deadline.

  7. I am so not into neutrals - most of the time. But you made a wonderful job with your whirlgigs, I LOVE that quilt !!

  8. Hi, Benta. Just stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed looking at your quilts. The beiges and browns of this quilt are so soothing. Very subtle, but the design gives it energy.
    best from Tunisia,

  9. I love the pinwheels - lovely restful colours also!

  10. Benta I think your quilt is fab, and you have been so fast to make it, congratulations.


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