Saturday 11 February 2012

Rosie's Quilt is Ready

 Rosie's quilt is ready to be given to her today - thank goodness, as today is her 21st!

The finished quilt
and a hand embroidered in-binding label

In other news - This arrived earlier in the week (but I was phone less and therefore camera-less until today)

This is an i-pad case from the lovely Victoria at Boutique Uniquely, who also sells her fab creations over at ETSY - some of the scrummy fabrics are also used in her summer picnic table topper - do go and have a look

It came to me as her Pay It Forward which I think we started last May or so.  It does serve to remind me that I have to make goodies for Plum and Wilma as they are my PIF victims.  Don't worry girls, they are under construction, but I confess to being a bit distracted!


  1. That quilt became so beautiful! When sewing and seeing so much colours all the time, those neutral colours are so lovely! What a wonderful present you have got!
    x Teje

  2. The quilt turned out really well, and I have been told Victoria that I love that pouch - think yourself lucky I don't have an i-pad, or I'd be creeping round xxx

  3. Whew, glad you got it done in time, and lovely PIF gift, I'll have to start thinking more seriously on mine...

  4. Well done! Another binding label? Interesting, very interesting.....! Nice PIF gift too!

  5. The quilt is very nice.I love your blogs and projects.

  6. Great to have another finish - have to say that I love how we crazy quilters find a space to stage our projects for a photo! Well done Benta!


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