Tuesday 28 February 2012

Colourful Stain

I know I still have loads of UFOs and PHDs to complete, but I have reduced the total over the last few weeks so I felt I could give myself permission to start on the Stained Glass Quilt (what sort of stain were you thinking of???)

I am not following Sarah's instructions, because I'm rubbish at following instructions, and the thought of cutting all those pieces accurately filled me with a deep foreboding (there's a work I've never used before!).  Another excuse is that I am making a much bigger quilt than Sarah's instructions allow for, and that I have some fabrics I want to fussy cut, and they are quite big prints.

So I started today, and fussy cut my biggest print - Hissing Sid (you probably had to be in your teens in the UK in the late 70s for that name to be familiar, what did he promote? was it Milk? Or was that Humphrey?), and he needed to be cut as a panel 15 inches wide - so that is my starting point: 15 inch blocks.  I have used sashing (lead) cut at 1.5inches, and can present block #1

Untrimmed, and unironed, but a start :-)


  1. Oh this is going to work so well with all your Aussie prints x

  2. Great to see you doin your own thing with it, especially to suit your fabrics :-)

  3. That's going to look great with all the Oz fabrics!

  4. Very unusual fabrics there Benta. xx

  5. I guess this might even be more exciting without a pattern? Your first block looks VERY intriguing !!


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