Saturday 4 February 2012

Forgotten Deadline

 I looked at the UFOs, (or PHDs) and decided I would work on the batik whirly gigs, as that had matured enough for me to love the fabrics again.

 I got as far as basting, and quilted one whirly gig.

I was thinking about Lisa coming home . . . and how lovely that she was coming home next weekend too . . .  but we wouldn't see much of her then as she was coming home for Rosie's 21st . . . and it gradually dawned on me that I was supposed to be making a quilt for Rosie's 21st - NEXT WEEK!!!!

Rosie specifically wanted 'neutral' colours, which I don't use by choice, but I had these fabrics that I bought a few weeks ago
 so I decided to use the Whirly Gig method again.  I started off with 13 inch squares, and stitched them into a flimsy in a light / dark alternate pattern

(Sorry, no photo), Then I used my 10.5 inch square, with red lines on it

 to cut  lots of off-set squares, and then placed them together to make this
 Still a bit of an optical illusion, as you have to look for the whirly gigs, but once it's sewn together it looks better, and the quilting will help loads too, so that's what I'm off to do now

First though, I'll quickly show you this fab poster Lisa brought me . . .

And a photo of the gorgeous Ben who was very unimpressed with his quilt, but his mum loved it!!!


  1. Busy busy - need to finish up before you go out and play in the snow!

  2. -this pattern is always a winner and funny to sew ☺
    Have a nice sunday!

  3. That pattern is beautiful and your quilts are going to be wonderful! Even I love colours I love that neutral quilt, too! x Teje

  4. Beautiful Ben - they are so cute before they speak! Sure he will love the quilt eventually. xxx

  5. Nothing like a bit of pressure, then? The blocks look lovely - well done for having what you needed in your stash!

  6. No pressure then with Rosie;s quilt!LOL I love the pattern and neutrals work for me but dont the colours pop! No sleep for you then this week, enjoy.

  7. I love your whirlygigs-- both in the bright batiks and in the neutrals. I can't believe you're just "whipping up" a quilt by next week-- that's impressive!! Little Ben is very sweet and I'm sure he will grow to love his quilt.

  8. Love these colours in the whirligig Benta. Can I please borrow some of your energy?

  9. Oopsie, gotta hate those deadlines that leap up and but you on the arse!

  10. Ben looks as if he's taking life slowly, he'll love the quilt soon.


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