Wednesday 15 February 2012

Done the Diamonds

OK, not finished sort of 'done' but based and quilted sort of 'done' and I'm still in an alliterative mood, so this was the best post title I could think of!

It still needs binding, but at least it can move to the  blue  area of the UFO list, and I know I can add the machine part of the binding fairly quickly once I run out of hand sewing

Thank you Block Lotto girls :-)


  1. Stunning mix - what colour binding will you use? xx

  2. Benta, you are so quick at these, I'm always envious.

  3. I love the colours, well done and thanks for the info!

  4. This is lovely - well on the way to a finish!

  5. Really beautiful, Benta! There is something with the small squares - I just love them!
    x Teje

  6. This looks really great - congratulations !! Looks like a great project for scraps ;-))


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