Saturday 31 March 2012

A finish, and a farewell

Yay, the scrappy diamond quilt has been finished

The front . . . 

 and the back . . .

and the bodge, where the back strip (needed because the fleece wasn't long enough) wasn't long enough!!!!!

And a sad farewell.  This is Lisa, looking deceptively happy (holding back the tears) as she took her car to the scrap yard this morning.  We had to push start it as there was no life in the battery, but she did get £96 in scrap value, which she then spent on an external hard drive for her computer to cheer herself up! Bought for £1000 4 years ago almost to the day,  I reckon depreciation of 62p a day was pretty good value!!!!!


  1. Yay for a finish, but sorry about the car. I've had to take 2 cars to the great car park in the sky, but neither of them owed me anything at the end!

  2. A colourful family! Great quilt - loved the strip - would be boring without and the flower power car! xx

  3. Hard drive vs hard to drive - she made the right choice!

    Great quilty finish x

  4. Poor Lisa saying goodbye to her baby but at least she got some money to spend!! Well done on another finish, go you!

  5. Hi Benta,
    this is a wonderful scrappy quilt, love it! Beautiful work an what a luck that you didn´t had enough fleece, the backside of the quilt is beautiful as well.
    Liebe Grüße and happy Easter ☺
    Bente - Germany


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