Sunday 1 April 2012

More yellow, and lots of lego

Two more yellow blocks arrived in the post: Thank you Susan and Mahala

 And I have been planning my kitchen.  I know there are computer aided design packages, and there are pieces of paper that you can move around on larger sheets of paper with the room drawn to scale, and there are probably other methods too, but nothing quite beats the fun of making it all to scale . . . in Lego!!!!

And just because he's cute and I'm so pleased to see him on his feet again - here is Twiglet :-)


  1. Funny, we never used Lego on my Interior Design course!!

  2. Lol, you big kid you, breaking out the lego! Glad to see Twiglet is resurrected again (it is the right time of year for that sort of thing!)

  3. Love the twiglet! Now I know what to do with all the lego in the attic - advertise it to kitchen designers! xx

  4. Hi Benta! How great to see that Twiglet is well, he is so sweet! I hope we will see 'our' hedgehodges again this summer in the garden! I love your Lego kitchen! Did you think about making your sewing machine?
    I love your scrappy quilt and yello locks are so lovely and happy! x Teje

  5. That's going to be a lovely quilt when you have all the blocks.

    Great to see Twiglet looking spry.

    I drew on the walls in the bathrooms and kitchen to find the spacings. Great idea about using Lego though.

  6. Absolutely brilliant to to see that Twiglet is up and about again - you must be very glad of that! Also I love the fact that you're using lego to plan your kitchen! Genius! x

  7. aww! The hedgehog steals the show! Yellow blocks are great and love the Lego kitchen!


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