Wednesday 11 April 2012

Stained Down Under

Stained Down Under has been pieced and basted - YAY!

Inspired by Sarah's Stained Quilt, but without actually following any of the instructions she worked long and hard over, I LOVE IT!!!

No idea how to quilt it though!


  1. Cool. I have a bunch of blocks with Aussie fabrics that need made into a quilt. What's with the fabrics from there having crawly things all over it? LOL.

  2. Hi Benta! It is really fantastic!!! That dark sashing is perfect and those fabrics so unique and beautiful! Quilting is a difficult question. x Teje

  3. It looks fab, but seriously, it needs a new name, its current one has such, err, unfortunate connotations!

  4. I love the quilt and the fabrics are amazing and the sashing too good to be true. I'm with Katy on the name! xx

  5. Fab quilt, maybe some echo quilting inside the sashing, nothing fancy cause it wont show because there is so much going on with the fabric! Well done


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