Sunday 15 April 2012

Straight Line Quilting (Hadley Style)

I have been pondering how to quilt the Stained Down Under (sorry, I still haven't thought of a better name) quilt.

I really like Hadley's approach, but didn't want to start in case it was too hard work.  I decided to use the technique on the Racing Green quilt, and see how I got on with it.  My machine doesn't seem to pull the fabric through at an even rate, so I was pulling it through to help, but it's really made one of my hands ache.

Well, Hadley, I love the effect, and thanks for showing what you did, but it's not for me!!!  (Hadley did 119 lines of quilting - I've done 32, and that was certainly enough for me!)

Hadley, I am in awe!


  1. Hi Benta! Your quilt is beautiful! Hadleys' quilting looks so wonderful and I would love to quilt once like that but also my machine couldn't do all that. That's one reason I quilt often by hand. I think those lines you made, are enough.
    Have a great week! x Teje

  2. Well done though, what you've done looks good! Bit daunted by the 119 lines myself... lol

  3. Heh, yeah, I might not manage that many either lol

  4. That's lookin really good. Like the link you posted I'd seen the you tube video of the jelly roll race some time ago.

  5. Hee hee - cowards!!
    Yours looks great - it that an IKEA fleece backing I spy? That is probably why it didn't feed too well - do you have the fleece side underneath when quilting?
    I have 2 small ones to do - thinking to going diagonally with the fleece on top, not sure if it'll work though x

  6. Quilt looks lovely Benta - being lazy I usually go with straight lines too.

  7. Sometimes I remember why I'm lucky enough to have a longarm.

  8. This looks great. I've never counted how many lines I quilt - I don't think I could bear knowing how much is left to go!


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