Friday 20 April 2012

Why I'm sewing, not being a Domestic Goddess

OK, I'm not sure I could do the Domestic Goddess very well anyway, and of course I'd rather be sewing than pretty much anything else . . . but do look at my kitchen

As if that's not bad enough - look at the photos from the same kitchen in 1988 (yes, 24 years ago)

To be fair, the 1988 kitchen was eventually finished, and then in about 2002 it moved to the room at the back of the house, and now it's moving back into the middle, but sewing is a far more attractive activity!

Anyway sewing has been in abundance - and not just me.  The Fun With Fabric blog has the full info, but here are some mosaics to whet your appetite:

Some Finishes at Broom Farm on Monday
(You'll never guess how Catherine managed a perfect zip on the back of her cushion, the secret is revealed on the Fun With Fabric blog)

 The Windsor A-Z project started on Wednesday

And some Mola Magic at the Museum today (top right is an inspiration, not one of our creations, LOL)


  1. Hi Benta! I prefer sewing than spending time in the kitchen! Still it's very nice to get new kitchen and perhaps bake an apple pie!
    Exiting creations!
    x Teje

  2. oh dear! hope your kitchen recovers soon xx

  3. You have more fridge magnets that you did in 1988, so that's good ;)

  4. I'm sure sewing makes you a partial domestic goddess anyway ;o)

  5. Oh Benta - my heart bleeds for you - even making a cup of tea must be an ordeal. Luckily all the sewing makes up for it all and we all think you are truly a sewing goddess. xx

  6. Being a domestic goddess would be sooo boring, much more fun in being a sewing goddess.

  7. Domestic Godesses are overrated! Completely with you on this one - I'd rather be sewing!!!


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