Friday 13 April 2012

Quick Quilt? Not Quite!

I was itching to start something that would grow quickly, and found some red flowery fabric that my Uncle and his wife gave me a while ago.  I cut the flowery fabric into 6 inch blocks, and got the left-over 2.5 inch strips from the cream quilts I'd been making a while ago.  As the blocks were the same fabric, I decided to use a variety of fabrics for the strips, although they are all the same tones.

I added two borders to each block (well, I did until I ran out of cream fabric!!!!)

This is how I will arrange the blocks - but first I need to get some more cream fabrics - so much for a quick quilt!

I've used this block before, but still have no idea what it's called!


  1. These sort of things always thwart you in a sods law sort of a way, hope you can get more cream soon!

  2. Beautiful and simple! I hope you find quickly more cream! x Teje

  3. Isn't that always the way of these "quick projects"?!? lovely looking so far.

  4. Ah well some more shopping on the cards then!!Lovely block by the way


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