Monday 16 April 2012

Back to school, and Binding and Hexies

Was that really two weeks off school?  It really didn't feel like it!  For most of the holidays my body clock still woke at 7am, but this morning . . . I did not want to get up!  And then I got a text from the girl who covers Breakfast Club - she wasn't well, could I possibly . . . How long until the next school holiday?

After a day at work, I managed to fit in a little bit of sewing this evening.  Mega thanks to both Jackie and Heather who suggested a darkish binding for the 'warm and cool' log cabin quilt.  I found a dark orange in my stash which is perfect, so that has been machine stitched onto the front.  There is plenty left over and I think it will be perfect for the British Racing Green (Jelly Roll Race) quilt top too, so that's two solutions, thanks girls.

Instead of sewing binding on tonight in front of the TV, I started tacking fabric to the hexagons that arrived earlier in the week - 62 down just 13 more paper hexies left, so I'll start joining them soon, but I have loads more fabric scraps, so this could be a nice size.  I'm going to join them randomly, not as flowers


  1. Gotta love mindless hexie sewing in front of the telly!

  2. Binding looks great am looking forward to seeing the hexagons in their finished state


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