Thursday 12 April 2012

Creative Kids, and an ooops

Yesterday was the last Children's Holiday Fun session at Chertsey Museum, and today I have been learning to make computer mosaics over at Big Huge Labs, so here is (hopefully) a mosaic of the customising and accessorising that was going on yesterday (more details on the Fun With Fabric blog)

The reason I needed to learn how to make a mosaic, is a Aurifil competition that Lily is hosting - and I would love to win 12 Aurifil threads of my choice.  I thought the hard part would be the mosaic, but it was actually choosing the colours!

Anyway, I went (surprise surprise) for a rainbow theme, and this is my mosaic:

 (It's one of 178 on Flickr at the moment, so I don't much fancy my chances, but I do love the colours!)

On to ooops - can you please make sure that the door is closed, the phone switched off, and there is no-one hiding under the desk or looking over your shoulder . . .as I have been a bad girl!

It's just SO easy. 

I sit at the computer, follow a link or two, press a button or two, and then postie arrives and that's when I realise what I did...

From Prints to Polka Dots . . .  these yummy fabrics arrived

And I seem to have ordered these from these too

And from Quilt Direct I ordered a felting tool, and some pre-cut paper hexies for these lovely muted greys and purples left over from this project and this project

 And I also got an iPhone 4 cover that is prepared so it can have cross stitch embroidery done to it - now I just need to think of a design for it, and that will be part of Niki's birthday pressie

Have I got enough hiding places?


  1. Oh I have seen those iPhone cases advertised - I just need the iPhone first!!

  2. ... are you sure it's 'safe' to show all that shopping here? Your new fabrics look beautiful and the thread rainbow! Good Luck - I hope you win! x Teje

  3. ROFL, those purchases will keep sneaking in the door... I have a parcel to pick up tomorrow morning at the sorting office, and you know what? I haven't a CLUE what it is...

  4. I have hiding places here if you run out! Just trying to help!

  5. You sure keep your postie busy!

  6. Good luck with the mosaic fab colours! Well done on all the shopping now leave some for me!!


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