Saturday 14 April 2012

Jelly Roll Race (Racing Green)

After my failed attempt to make a quick quilt top, I decided to try a new technique - a Jelly Roll Race.

I used this post as my basis, but I joined my strips at 45 degrees rather than at 90 degrees.  Apparently joining the strips results in one strip 1600 inches long - it certainly look up loads of space on the sewing table.  This part took about 35 minutes

I chopped 20 inches from one end, and then picked up the two ends and started sewing them together.  That took about 15 minutes, but was wonderfully monotonous as I didn't have to think about anything.  When I got to the end I cut the fold to make one piece - long and thin.

And then I picked up the two ends and started sewing them together . . . then cut the fold, then pick up the two ends . . . five times altogether  . . . and this, after just over an hour, is the result

Next step is ironing, basting and quilting, but I think this will make a good boy quilt for the Siblings Together (number 2, Hadley!)


  1. Brilliant boy quilt indeedy - you are on a roll, boom boom x

  2. I think my brain's fried from New York Beautying today, because I'm not sure I *got* the construction technique, but the end result looks great!

  3. Wow - that was exiting! Your quilt top is so beautiful! I haven't tried yet jelly rolls. Today I made a brave decision and made my first selvage block. I needed to be brave to cut my treasure selvages! x Teje

  4. It's a great technique isn't it? I saw one over at last week and thought I must give it a go.

    Great colours too.

  5. Love the colors! What size did it end up being? I see this technique everywhere but no one ever says what the finished size is. Thank you!

  6. Fab quilt I love it!


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