Sunday 8 April 2012

Postie Love

 My lovely postie has been bringing me yummy packages again . . .  first I got these from Victoria who came to the Chertsey Museum Fun With Fabrics last month

 Thank you, Victoria, these are great

 Then I got this little squishy from Ayumi's ETSY shop (Ayumi from the  Pink Penguin blog)

With these yummy fabrics that I had ordered inside

And these extras too - thank you Ayumi :-)

Excuse me for a while while I go and fondle my fabrics


  1. Yay for yummy parcel deliveries, happy fondling!

  2. Oh wow, I'm loving that recipe text print! Enjoy :-)

  3. Oh Ayumi is the best!
    Happy Easter x

  4. Ayumi is great! Enjoy stroking those lovely fabrics ! Great daffs!

  5. Commenting from Slåstad with Hildr.


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