Monday 23 April 2012

Fabric Friday, (and Saturday, and Sunday)

A fab weekend with Jackie, yummy fabrics brought by her, a visit to a fabric shop, and Hobby Craft, a squishy in the post, then a quilt show and a visit to the Lady Sew and Sew warehouse - bliss! (but what a shame I have to go to work and can't stay home and play!)

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  1. Fabrics to die for - yummy !! Have fun playing with these beauties ;-))

  2. LOVE every one of those fabrics xx

  3. It was a fab weekend, hope you get some sewing done this week, lots of inspiration at the weekend!

  4. I think it is a good thing you have to go to work, you have spent enough already!

  5. Hi Benta! You have bought so wonderful fabrics! I hope you have soon time to start with them!
    I send you wishes from Finland! Today I got quilting books from the library and hopefully tomorrow I visit some fabric shops! x Teje


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