Tuesday 17 April 2012

Embroidery Extravaganza and a Secret

Today has been mostly embroidery: design and stitch

These first two are for my SIL's nieces, to go on quilts their mum and grandma made for them when they were little

 And this is for my friend Sue - for her first granddaughter who arrived last weekend

(OK, not quite an Extravaganza, but I couldn't think of anything else alliterative!)

This is the Secret . . . this is, finally, one of my Pay It Forward gifts.  Both have now been packaged and are waiting for a trip to the post office.  No pics until they have been received!!!

Finally - If you are following the arrival of the yellow blocks from the Chertsey Fun With Fabric ladies, two more have arived and are on the Fun With Fabric blog


  1. I am wanting to open up that parcel Benta - I hope you show us what is inside!

  2. And you are sure you have the names right?!

  3. 3 would have exhausted me. Oh, and what Hadley said... ;o)

  4. These labels are beautiful. I love the lettering style :)


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